I was resigned to the fact that I would always be in pain. Eric was able to analyze my problem from the onset and went to work. After the first treatment I was able to take long walks again, something I had not been able to do for many years. He listens, he analyzes, he measures and he probes. Nothing gets passed him and as a result he has released muscles, tendons and ligaments that have troubled me for 3 decades. I don’t think I will ever have to visit the other therapists who have tried valiantly to treat my issues. Eric is the total package.
— Susan G.
Came in with a sore neck and Eric was able to help with the muscles and reduce the pain by 85%. He’s truly awesome.
— Hillary W.
Eric Braha is an amazing neuromuscular massage therapist. I have had a muscular chest discomfort and a back problem for which I visisted orthopedists, physical therapists and took prescribed medication. Nothing provided a good solution. Mr Braha is extremely knowledgeable about the muscle, bone and nervous system and their relationships. After several sessions, my pain was almost 100% gone. I have told several of my friends who have visited as well and gotten the same results. Mr. Braha is kind, caring and very professional, and his studio in Tempe near Scottsdale is very relaxing. I ended my session with a Lomi Lomi massage and left relaxed and pain free.
— Paula A.
I found Eric to be very knowledgeable and very good at what he does I was very impressed.
— Gail B.
His knowledge of anatomy and his superlative palpation skills combined with his neuromuscular technique make him a therapist of the highest level. He has a friendly and caring nature, and he is dedicated to doing all that he can to remedy a painful physical problem. He is thorough and effective.”
— Susan R., LMT
I have issues with low back pain and nerve pain in my legs. Eric did a careful assessment, measuring and charting at my initial session. I had significant improvement after just my first session. I continued on a weekly basis, each week seeing improvement. Periodically, Eric would measure and chart my progress. I am happy to say that I am walking now with far less pain and am on a monthly maintenance schedule to keep it that way. I am so grateful that I found Eric as he has improved my quality of life.
— Sheree L.
Eric gave me a 90 min. Therapeutic Massage and it was incredible. He released tension in places I did not know existed and knew exactly where & how much pressure to apply to relieve my pain. My hands and feet were expertly massaged and I am feeling much better.
— Linda K.
Eric is fabulous and I always feel 100% better after my session. I travel a lot and often have issues with my upper body (neck, head, shoulders) which he greatly helps. ‘ve been going to him every month for over 5 years. I highly recommend Braha Massage Studio to anyone who has stress or any neuromuscular issues!
— Cynthia D.
I feel very fortunate to have found this therapist as the body-work provided has given me new hope in being able to live normally again.

The things I appreciated most: the therapist spent significant time communicating with me on their particular practice, style, and skills, and listened very intently to my concerns and health issues. The questions asked and answered helped clarify expectations and goals. The therapist then *proved* that they had listened carefully during the entirety of that first massage.

The excellent communication alone is worth its weight in gold, and the experienced massage techniques are platinum.
— RB
I have been suffering from hip and low back pain as the result of an accident for over seven years. I think I’ve tried almost every spa or massage place in Scottsdale. After only three neuromuscular sessions with Eric, I am 98% pain free.
— Therese H.
I am an avid mountain bike racer, competing at the expert level in cross-country events. Eric has treated me over the last three years for various sports related injuries, including mostly back and leg strains. I can always count on a session or two with him to ease my pain. Not only are his neuromuscular techniques excellent, but he is also a very personable and skilled communicator. The athletes that he treats will be getting the best of care.
— Kathleen K.
I always feel that you give me 125% of your attention, and you never give up even though I know that my body is a challenge. You spend all the time that you need on my problem areas rather than working on areas that don’t need to be. I would recommend your services for anyone that is in chronic pain or had life long imbalances to see you.
— Marlyne G.